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Item Code Item Name Composition Weight width Usage
CD-CDR-11WALE 11WALE POLYESTER CORDUROY 100%POLYESTER 230gsm 150-300cm Sofa Curtain

Corduroy is the name given to the fabric of the 18th century fustian, which was a practical material for making working clothes for the lower classes. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word corduroy first appeared in 1774. During the Victorian era, corduroy was mass-produced and considered the poor man's velvet. Today, however, the fabric is used for a wide variety of apparel, including clothing and accessories.

The name corduroy is derived from the French word corde du roi, which means king's cord. Corduroy first became popular in the eighteenth century in England, where factory workers applied the cords to popular wool fabrics. The popularity of polyester corduroy led to widespread use in working-class communities throughout Europe, especially France and the United States. Although the term originated from the French word, it is unlikely to have been used in its original meaning

Polyester Corduroy is a durable fabric that requires extra care. It is made of cotton fibers and has a napped pile on each ridge. In its original form, corduroy is woven with cotton threads and features ridges and lengthwise cords. In the 20th century, corduroy has become a global fabric. Its popularity increased in the 1970s. 

When it comes to comfort and practicality, polyester corduroy is a favorite of many. It is used to make dungarees, overalls, jackets, pants, and more. In addition to being durable, polyester corduroy is made with spandex, which adds stretch to body-fitting garments. Corduroy is also widely used as upholstery fabric for furniture. In fact, some corduroy fabric is even used in bedding sets.

About UsChengda Warp Knitting

Haining Chengda Warp Knitting Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002. Located in the beautiful tidewater visiting city——Haining, the Custom 11WALE POLYESTER CORDUROY suppliers owns a convenient location ,just two hours driving to Shanghai and Ningbo ,one hour to Hangzhou Xiaoshan airport.
The capital assets we have currently are total worthy USD 22 million . There are 50 warp knitting manchines now in our factory,besides,we have our own PFP&PFD treatment department which is aim to provide fabric for printing and dyeing directly. The annual production output around 50 million meters. We also employ experienced production and inspection teams to provide high and stable fabric quality.


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