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Warp knitted fabric/printed fabric

Warp knitted fabric/printed fabric

Haining Chengda Warp Knitting Co., Ltd.

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Product Details

Item Code Item Name Composition Weight width Usage
CD-CMM-YH Warp knitted fabric/printed fabric 100%POLYESTER 200gsm 150-280cm BEDDING
There are several advantages of warp knitted fabric. Compared to conventional knitted fabrics, warp knitting is more durable and has excellent moisture management properties. This makes it an ideal material for clothing and textiles for sports. These fabrics can also be easily cleaned and can withstand many wears and washes. 

Warp knitted fabric is an excellent material for mattresses. Its multifilament yarns are a popular choice because they are easy to care for and don't need to be replaced. This fabric also offers increased comfort for diabetics and wheel chair users. Additionally, this fabric can be combined with a special stay and transfer sheet, which also acts as a skin contact layer. 

3D warp knitted fabric is a special type of woven material. It has three-dimensional features, and can be partially or fully compressed by human body pressure. This fabric has an outstanding air-conditioning capacity and can even provide support to a weakened body. Moreover, it has excellent ventilation capacity. It has the ability to decrease the friction and shear forces. In short, warp knitted fabric is a versatile textile material.

Another important feature of warp-knitted fabric is its one-way stretch. This characteristic makes it a desirable material for a wide range of applications. It is also useful in medical applications, such as patient bed covers. In the process, it helps prevent quick rewetting of the top structure. And as for the durability of warp knitted fabric, it is a smart choice.

About UsChengda Warp Knitting

Haining Chengda Warp Knitting Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002. Located in the beautiful tidewater visiting city——Haining, the Wholesale Warp Knitting Fabric manufacturers owns a convenient location ,just two hours driving to Shanghai and Ningbo ,one hour to Hangzhou Xiaoshan airport.
The capital assets we have currently are total worthy USD 22 million . There are 50 warp knitting manchines now in our factory,besides,we have our own PFP&PFD treatment department which is aim to provide fabric for printing and dyeing directly. The annual production output around 50 million meters. We also employ experienced production and inspection teams to provide high and stable fabric quality.


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