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The Unique Texture of Polyester Corduroy

Polyester Corduroy is a very versatile fabric that can be found in a wide variety of me-made garments, as well as accessories and home decor items. It has gained a lot of popularity due to its washability and wearability, but it also boasts a unique texture that is hard to match! This textured fabric is a classic for cool weather clothing, particularly for pants and overalls, as it offers warmth and durability. It is typically woven with cotton, but it can also be woven from wool, polyester, or a blend of these and other fibers. The material can also be dyed in a range of block colors, or printed with designs.
The distinctive look of corduroy comes from the ridges or ‘cords’ that run perpendicular to the length of the fabric. These ridges are created by the way the fabric is woven, and can be made in different widths to suit different uses. The fabric can also be woven with a combination of cotton and other materials, such as rayon, which adds a softness and sheen to the textile.
While there are many different varieties of this woven material, corduroy usually consists of three separate yarns that are woven together. The first two of these primary yarns create a plain or twill weave, while the third is used as a ‘pile’ to form the ridges. These ridges are known as wales, and they can vary in width. The number of wales in an inch of fabric is known as its wale count, with lower wale counts producing a thinner, finer fabric.
Although the wales in corduroy can be very small, they offer a great deal of strength to the fabric, which makes it a very durable material. It is also a very comfortable material to wear, and can be worn in a variety of temperatures. The ridges help to regulate body temperature, which can make it very breathable, especially when the fabric is woven from cotton.
This fabric is also very easy to iron. However, it is important to remember that you should use a very low heat setting as to not damage the wales of the material. Additionally, it is best to hang the fabric to air dry when possible, and if it does become rumpled, hanging it in the bathroom while having a shower can often help ease out the wrinkles.
This is a great fabric to sew for those looking to make warm and comfortable clothes that can be worn all year round. It is also a great choice for accessories like hats and bags, and can be dyed to make a range of color options. It can be a bit more expensive than other fabrics, but the durability and versatility of this material makes it worth it. In the past, this groovy fabric has fallen out of fashion in some places, but it is making a comeback thanks to its durability and comfort. So, give it a go – you might find that you love it!